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Health and Grooming Tips:

Regular grooming is one of the nicest things you can do for your pet. Brushing often and properly is essential to maintaining a healthy coat. It stops mats and tangles from forming, removes dead hair, dirt and burrs, and helps to distribute the natural oils needed for healthy skin. Your groomer can show you brushing techniques for your particular breed that can be used between visits.

Groomers are trained to watch for certain conditions and being up close and personal with your little one gives us the best opportunity. Here are just a few examples of what could be going on with your pet:

Fleas and Ticks
Fleas and Ticks are not just an annoyance but they can lead to serious consequences. They are painful and can even cause severe allergic reactions, leading to intense scratching, irritated and inflamed skin, fleabite dermatitis and secondary skin infections.  Ticks carry many diseases that can affect not only your pet but you as well.

Earwax is a natural occurrence but sometimes a build up can create discomfort and potentially infection and even hearing loss. Regular cleaning at home is a good thing and your groomer can show you the proper way.

Ear Mites
Ear mites are parasites that can infect your pets’ ears. In most cases pawing at or shaking of the head and obsessive scratching are the first signs of ear mites. When inspected you will find a dark, waxy secretion coming from the ear along with a sour odor. Veterinary care is necessary.

If your pet has ever had one of these then you know to make a vet appointment. A hematoma is a pocket of skin containing blood usually found on the ear. It will look and feel swollen and will be sensitive to touch and even to sound. You don’t want to wait in caring for this.

Any discomfort affecting your pet should be watched and acted upon if signs don’t improve. Always ask your groomer if anything seems amiss. Your pet is very special and we care as much as you do.

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